3D printing technologies is driving a revolution across many industries and a wide variety
of applications. These technologies enable designers, architects, engineers, inventors,
researchers, doctors, jewelers, teachers, students and more to easily exploit digital to
physical technologies to significantly improve design and production times, increase
accuracy, and reduce costs across the board.

3D printing has become more prevelent in automotive industry and lead motor vehicle production. LLF Technology allow you to design automotive parts with complex geometries, lighter and stronger parts that would be impossible to produce with traditional methods. With this technology you can shorten prototyping time from a few months to a few days. This extend your product development time and also improve your final product by increasing the number of iterations.

Application: Air conditioner, dial cluster, turboprops, air ducts, console, vehicle interior parts, headlights, impellors

3D Printer
3D Printer

Layered Laser Fusion Technology enable to design complex geometrical parts, aerodynamic properties are not possible to manufacture with traditional production methods. From this point of view our 3D printing solution meet the needs of aerospace and defense industries. With LLF Technology you can produce lighter components, critical parts for both prototypes and functional parts and shorten manufacturing time.

Application: engine parts, turbine, aircraft wing, cabin interior,
wing, fuel tank, clamps, control pod, support frame, socket,
lower, air vanes, cooling pipe

In areas where innovation has saved lives; 3d printer solutions enable physicians, researchers and medical product makers to work faster, offer more testing and personalization than ever before. Every man is unique. For this reason, dentistry, orthopedics and prosthetics require medicinal products that perfectly match the patient in such areas. It may be necessary for some medicinal products to be produced in small quantities or for a time, quickly and economically. The 3d printer is very useful at this point in the medical industry.

Application: Hearing aid, prosthetics, anatomical model,
medical appliances, dental, drug delivery products

3D Printer
3D Printer

3d printer is actively used in many areas of design.

Architecture: With the 3d printer, large companies and independent architects can print models quickly and easily with CAD files. If desired, the printed models can be in different materials or colors.

Application: Scale model, landmap

Consumer products: Additive manufacturing; functional prototyping, design, molding, and serial parts production have opened up new paths in the consumer products industry for the production of parts, and the industry has grown rapidly as never before.

Application: Prototypes, customized gifts

Jewelry: Additive manufacturing allows for total customization of your products in the luxury industry. Many professionals in the industry have embraced our technologies to reduce the time and labor required in manufacturing.

Application: Accessories, exclusive products

Prop maker: From the earliest days of the cinema, there are professionals who work hand-in-hand for the scenes used in films. With the introduction of the 3d printer, stage design and prop making has become more accessible and affordable for everyone.

Application: Costume, stage, prop design

Product Design: Producing the design for testing with the 3d printer is valuable feedback. At this stage, it is easier and less costly to make design considerations and problem solutions before traditional production.

Application: Lightining, furniture, fittings, prototypes

Footwear and Shoe Design: Massive personalization in consumer goods becomes more accessible thanks to the 3d printer. The midsole can design to suit the needs of the individual end-user and designers can customize each shoe design and build it close to serial production.

Application: Midsole, customized shoes