Layered Laser Fusion Technology

Layered Laser Fusion (LLF) is the rapid prototyping technology of choice for a range of functional prototype
applications, including those with snap fits, living hinges and other mechanical joints. The ability of SLS to produce
several pieces at one time also makes the process a good choice for Direct Digital Manufacturing of products
requiring strength and heat resistance.

3D Printer

From dust
to product

Once you select production powder raw material Solidzer 450 Pro can manufacture your model without any additional user input, fully automatically.

Automated process starts with virtual layering of your model and calculating the required parameters. Solidzer spreads the powder material on to the building area. Then a physical layer is formed with the help of the laser as it scans and melts the needed shape. This process is repeated layer by layer thousands of times until the all the part are completed. With this method Solidzer manufactures smooth surfaces without any supports, where the part is suspended in un fused powder.

Works, integrated
functional parts

With Layered Laser Fusion Technology it is possible to produce parts that are fit for function and have similar properties to injection molding. Manufactured parts can be used in many areas including automotive, aerospace, military and medical industries. This technology enables the user to produce spare parts, functional prototypes and 3d digital models economically and quickly without using any molds or tools.

3D Printer
3D Printer

No Support

With LLF technology models become in powder material and they dont need any support. When models are complied you can brush and use them no need extra processes.

Mass manufacturing

Our Selective Laser Sintering machines are suitable for producing low volume plastic parts, from a few duplicates to many thousands. XForm materials we use are strong and accurate, making it a perfect application for your batch production needs.

No longer have access to your production run tooling?

Send your original parts CAD data for reverse engineering or speak to our team about your project. We guarantee fantastic service and quality from your first print to the very last one.

If you need functional prototypes, complex design, living hinges, snap fits, mechanical joints
LLF Technology suitable for robust and functional parts.