Sintertek has focused on additive manufacturing technology since the first day of foundation 2013. The company produced the first local laser-based machine. With both domestic and international partnership, Sintertek offers a variety of solutions on Layered Laser Fusion Technology.

We are the first domestic company that produces personalized and flexible manufacturing technologies in Turkey. As Sintertek, we want to be involved and give direction to this trend with our own laser-based additive manufacturing technologies. With using our self-developed technologies, it is possible to get perfect results from small number of mass production and prototyping in the fastest way. This new technology also allows you to produce complex geometric shapes and multi-functional products that you have been dreaming but not possible with existing methods after a couple of hours. Besides, these products are durable, functional and suitable for long term usage.

It is very clear that companies which adapt to these new technologies will have the opportunity to follow multinational companies on global marketplace and create competitive advantages over local competitors. During this process, as a solution partner, Sintertek provides not only the machinery development but also the consultancy service to its partners to facilitate their adaptation process by its user friendly software and hardware developments.

In product range of Sintertek, there are different machines that uses laser-based additive manufacturing technology but with different materials. Different raw materials and composites can be developed based on the demands of our customers. In this way, we provide different work areas to our partners by developing personalized technologies and raw materials which adds value to their companies.

With the solutions we offer, Sintertek adds value to your company and you’re one step closer to the future. Our goal is to move the local industry forward and achieve worldwide success and make it permanent.

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