Solidzer 450 Pro

Sintertek's Layered Laser Fusion Technology represents the pinnacle of additive manufacturing solutions, delivering unique performance and production rate, tolerance, durability and surface quality.

Solidzer Report Master and SolidzerGo

Material Preparation Unit


Solidzer machine platform developed specifically for layered fusion technology provides
the user with simplified interface and efficiency improving features.

Customized serial manufacturing

Products manufactured have competing properties to injection molding technology these parts can be build without any molds or tools. these parts can be built at the same time even, when each part differs from each other.

Repeatable and consistent parts

Solidzer with it’s digital laser scanner, absolute positioning sensors, servo motors and heat treated block frame will keep it’s consistent output for many years to come.

Produce many parts at once

Building box can be stacked with hundreds of different parts and all these parts will be manufactured at once even if they are on top of each other. Thanks to this ability user can optimize and speed up their manufacturing schedule.

From design to product :
Fastest way

Solidzer 450Pro’s reduces the cooling and warm up times of the production up to 75% thanks to it’s modular building area and advanced thermal sensors.

Our hardware, software, materials and services were designed together
to enable the continual improvement of our products while delivering
a seamless printing experience.

The next generation of Additive Manufacturing


Open system, adjustable parameters

Thermal Camera

Local heat control with image processing system

Roller and Piston Feeder

Opportunity to use required raw material


Prevention of temperature strain with controlled cooling

Modular Building Box

Continue to production with new building box during the cooling phase

Inert chamber

Build in inert gas generation and vacuum pump

Modular building box
and perfect cooling

In cooling phase, the modular building box will cool off
computer aided and it minimize thermal distortion. At
this time, the new building box can be placed and print
continued without waiting for the cooling phase.







Technical Data Solidzer 450 Pro

Building Area

350mm x 350mm x 450mm

Effective Building Area

310mm x 310mm x 430mm

Building Speed ( Z )


Layer Thickness

60 µm - 150 µm

Laser Type

70W / CO2

Scan Speed During Build Process


Power Consumption

3.5kW normal, 10kW maximum

Power Supply

32A 380V 3 Faz

Compressed Air Supply

6bar 100lt/dk

Nitrogen Generator





Dimensions ( X x Y x Z )

200cm x 175cm x 125cm

Recommended Installation Space

250cm x 350cm x 300cm



3D Printer